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Why the leaping fox, you may ask?  The symbolism of a fox represents a number of attributes that I have seen result in effective leadership practices: adept to see through illusions, adaptive to move past resistance, and as an agile, quick thinker.  In many cultures, the fox is seen to be an advisor honoured for its wisdom and ability to guide you down a destined path.  Many see the fox as resourceful, curious and playful - all characteristics we could practice more consciously to fully tap into our potential.  


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Leadership development workshops, group retreats, and coaching services with a focus on building emotional intelligence, conflict competence, and high performance teams - to create healthier workplaces as well as communities that thrive.

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In the spirit of lifelong learning, personal reflections, articles of interest, and additional resources related to leadership effectiveness and development will be shared periodically.  Click the link below to see what is new and noteworthy from my vantage point. 

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Foundations of Emotional Intelligence
(1-Day Workshop)

Friday, November 23rd
Friday, December 7th

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Our Practice

Stephanie Calver, Owner of Leaping Fox Consulting, brings fifteen years experience as a leader and coach to her clients. She is committed to turn their vision into results. 


"With good values and with vision anyone can be a leader"  - Sheryl Sandberg

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